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Collaboration lives at the heart of everything we produce. We’re making films WITH people, FOR people and we keep that at the forefront of our minds. Filmmaking requires an effective and targeted strategy, as well as a whole lot of creativity, innovation and heart.


Our Studio

We’re a full-service film studio with a boutique vibe and we know our lane. We take on projects that fuel our creativity and we always make sure that we’re a great fit for your needs, via our ‘Discovery’ process.

Our films

We rail against prescriptive, run-of-the-mill films; we take your ideas and work with you towards a common goal of (very literally) telling a story that is distinctive, innovative and creative.

Our values

We have a real curiosity and passion for the people we work with. To us, relationships are as important as our technical filmmaking skills because good people and good ideas make GREAT films.

Our People
L—R: Caleb Maxwell, Levi Ingram, Bailey Cook, Craig Barker

L—R: Caleb Maxwell, Levi Ingram, Bailey Cook, Craig Barker

Our People

Caleb Maxwell

Co-founder, concept creator extraordinaire, director of production and all-round passionate film-bloke. Caleb really nails the ‘people’ part of this business, working closely with you and helping you zoom in on who we’re producing for.

Favourite film:
12 Angry Men

Levi Ingram

Co-founder, concept developer, cinematographer as well as all-round details-dude. He’s a lateral thinker who rails against ‘how it’s always been done’ to come up with bold new ways to express your ideas via film. Levi knows concept and strategy go hand-in-hand and loves that Hebron’s work supports others.

Favourite film:
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Bailey Cook

Bailey’s our editing, visual effects and post-production master and expertly combines the creative with the technical. He’s a big-picture thinker and is absolutely passionate about seeing the whole concept come together. And he’s always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Favourite film:
Toy Story 3
(Can Toy Story 4 top
it in 2019?)

Craig Barker

Sometimes we think Craig’s animation skills are actual magic. He can make almost any animation idea a reality and is highly creative, a terrific problem solver and the kindest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s often the one who says, ‘What if we just tried…’ and BOOM – projects soar to the next level.

Favourite film:
Finding Nemo

Want to know HOW the magic happens?